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Levels are simply a starting point. You know how you’re feeling today, which class speaks to you?

There is always Child’s Pose.


Beginner: The place to start or revisit if you want a gentler,  slower practice,  the basics of body/breath awareness with clear alignment for body, mind and heart


Intermediate: The practitioner who has a general understanding of basic yoga poses and is looking to deepen their practice by initiating a flowing pace and introducing more challenging poses.


Advanced: For those who want to deepen their practice of yoga,  with more subtle components of asana, breath work and meditation.



Ashaya Yoga®: blends precise, bio mechanical alignment techniques with empowering and spiritually uplifting heart virtues that support a total awakening and harmony of body, mind, and spirit.


Gentle Yoga: Open to any level practitioner looking for a slower and gentle pace to unwind. Using mainly seated and supported postures held for longer periods of time.


Chair Yoga: Ashaya Yoga® with chair as a prop. For those with balance issues, limitation in full range of motion as well as those wheel chair bound.


Prenatal: For those who are pregnant or want a more gentle practice. If you are pregnant and an experienced yoga practitioner enjoy any level but we recommend a class with a certified prenatal yoga instructor. Private sessions are recommended if you are new to yoga.


QiGong: Is an ancient Chinese internal martial art, balancing the mind , body and breath. Allowing to better increase the flow of Qi ( vital energy, life energy)

Power Flow Yoga:  A Yoga class designed for the practitioner who wants to increase strength and stamina through yoga. In this class you will experience various yoga inspired exercises woven in to the flow of the practice. While keeping the body in safe and natural alignment practitioners will be moving through a series of strength building and fat burning sequences.

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Svaroopa®:  Bliss yoga- Most classes are 90 minutes, beginning with a guided relaxation and yogic breathing practice.  Svaroopa® Yoga is a slower-paced yoga, with 10-15 supported poses that give you time to find the most effective alignments as well as to develop the benefits of every pose.  Class ends with a deeper and more delicious guided relaxation, as well as a contemplation based on yoga's ancient teachings.


Age requirement for Svaroopa is 16 or older.

***Organ/tissue Transplant recipients, and people undergoing immunosuppressant therapy are not candidates for Svaroopa®.


Vichara:   Allowing for your minds natural circuitous tendencies, the therapist listens deeply, offering questions at an appropriate timing to clear away thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in painful patterns.  There are no interruptions, no agenda, no judgement, just pure presence. Vichara endows your mind with a yogic perspective that creates clarity and ease in your life. Recommended for PTSD, anxiety and depression, addiction, chronic illness, nerve conditions, life changes, and more.


Private Yoga Therapy:   One hour private session designed just for your individual needs. The outcome of one hour session is equal to 8-10 classes. Profoundly beneficial for people with pain or chronic conditions.


Embodyment® Therapy:  The gentlest and most deeply healing hour of therapy. Suitable for those with very limited movement, or no yoga experience at all. This therapy can be performed even bedside or in hospital.

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