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Kula Heart Yoga and Wellness, LLC is focused on helping you be a part of a healthy, mindfully focused, spiritual and physically active community (kula).  Yoga is an all encompassing word.  Yoga is not just a physical (asana) practice.  It is a spiritual reminder of how to live life.  It teaches you how to breathe and calm the mind and how to be still and present with your body. A mindful awareness in life teaches you not to suffer. Our bodywork services help reduce pain, tension and stress.  Massage Therapy, Table Thai Yoga Massage, Prenatal massage, Stone Treatment are a few of the services we offer. Our yoga classes will help you build strength, balance, and flexibility.   Kula means community, finding the community that speaks to you is vital to your practice.  Kula warms your heart when you see your friends (even if it's on Zoom). Kula is reminding you to continue courageously on your yoga path.   Welcome to Kula!

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