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Passion Belly

What led you? What was it that helped you start a class, helped you change your job, made you decide to climb that mountain, or ride the longer trail?

What is it that #firesyouup, motivates you to keep going or create such a strong enthusiasm within you that you are not even sure where it came from?

It's Passion the heated desire to want more, be more, and do more.

Yes you may have been inspired, influenced, persuaded, courageously intrigued BUT deep down it was there. Always there. Wanting More! Right Inside YOU!

Are you missing it?

Did you lose that bubbling heat?

Where the heck does it go?

One minute you're fueled up conquering the world and then CRASH!

I can give you the list:

What are you doing for self care?

Are you taking walks?

Are you drinking and eating correctly?

Oh that list just goes on and if you don't know it. Follow up with me.

But here is a new list I'm recommending:

1. Surround yourself with positive people. If your friends keep spilling out the same miserable bull. It's time for new friends. They may never see the positive in anything.

2. Take time to do what you love. Oh that sounds so easy. But do you do it? I have a new passion for reading. I try to read before bed every evening and on a Saturday or Sunday for a few hours. It helps my focus and clears my mind.

3. Make Lists! You want to change a habit, start a new project or simply get crap organized around your house make a list. Don't get super detailed so that your list takes 3 days to create. I don't even make end dates but I DO look at my list daily. The list is SHORT. Because guess what I can make a new list tomorrow.

4. Choices. I make the choice to sit on my hiney and watch t.v. Therefore leaving myself no time to read. I have failed at doing something that heats up my passion belly. Who said, "you are required to relax each evening by eating potato chips and watch t.v."?? Do you know? NOBODY!

What is in your passion belly? Heat that belly with a few planks, boat pose and chair! See where it takes you.

Passionate yogi, devoted mom, compassionate therapist, kick butt wife, & comedic daughter,

Hugs to your passion belly,


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