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Because Your Mind needs it too

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Giving the gift of bodywork is by far an amazing healthy gift!

So, the question is do you believe it?

Here are just a few benefits noted on Google.

*Reducing stress and increasing relaxation.

*Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension.

*Improving circulation, energy and alertness.

*Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

*Improving immune function.

So, Now you definitely believe it, right?

Beyond the healthy physical benefits, your mind has the opportunity to relax. Some clients lay completely in silence, snoring and spacing out. It's a beautiful thing.

While others feel the need to chitty chatty. There is a benefit to both.

One client told me, “Thank you for letting me talk. I don't have the chance to talk at home."

That's deep. Silence is great but understandingly not always necessary.

Bodywork is that chance to let someone else take care of YOU!

SAY WHAT? Take Care of YOU! No one understands how busy we are right?

Between, Kids, Sports, Senior Parents, Diaper changes for kids and parents, doctor appointments, vet appointments, food, who makes food?? running a business, dealing with ......... hmmm

this list could be ugly.

But I'm pretty sure that is why we need bodywork...

Chemically your body releases hormones that simply allow you to find peace and a sensation of calm on a massage table. Commonly clients leave relaxed and rejuvenated but more importantly less stressed and optimistic.

Seriously thou, do you feel healthy? When the "I'm too busy", starts to get old CONSIDER:





So, whether it's a massage therapy or reflexology session or a private yoga lesson you are making the choice to try something to help yourself. Give the Gift or Buy it for you. We are here at Kula Heart to help you.

I leave you with... an article on how BREATHING will help your Heart and Lungs. I grabbed a piece of it for you to read. Link is there if you want more. Keep scrolling if you are interested in viewing our Gift Certificate Options.

Did you know it's important to breathe?!

Interesting enough... we do a lot of BREATHING in YOGA.

Here you go.

Partial Article from the: Journal of the American Heart Association

Take a Deep, Resisted, Breath

Originally published29 Jun 2021 of the American Heart Association. 2021;10:e022203

"Breathing can also be therapeutic. This ranges from the simple advice to “take a deep breath,” to ancient meditative and religious traditions, to studies showing that structured deep breathing programs can reduce anxiety,5 help manage pain,6 improve blood glucose,7 and lower blood pressure.8 Patients with lung disease and sleep apnea can also benefit from respiratory muscle training.9, 10 Respiratory frequency is a key component of perceived exertion, and anecdotal reports indicate that elite athletes sometimes attempt to control or regulate their breathing during competition to maximize their focus and relaxation during peak competitive efforts.11"

Print or Email your Gift Certificate from the convenience of your home or office.

We will have store hours during Christmas on Chestnut Street Sunday, Dec. 12 from 12-6pm

Email us to pre- order:

View Gift Certificate options here

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