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"My Armpits smell like Chicken Soup"

Being afraid to admit something can weigh heavily on your mind. It can build shame or guilt.

If hearing, "Hey, Who made tacos", or "I smell a hoagie" or "It smells like my mom's chicken soup in here" makes you run. You are not alone.

I have routinely suffered from the smell of chicken soup armpit. Strangely enough it's only one armpit. I'm Whole Food Plant Based. So if you're thinking this is a meat thing or an over consumption of oils and fats. Check that off the list.

When inquiring Dr. Google, I find the search to be quite interesting. Search- Arm pits smell like.... and see what pops up. Curry, Onions, Weed, Vinegar, Cat Urine (GROSS), Chicken Soup. Oh yes, it's on the list.

Then come the reasons for the variety of smells. I'm not an expert in deciphering which websites are legit and which are giving us a line of bull. What I'm learning is, you need to take a shower. Heck I had no idea??!! Use deodorant, say what?? I mean now they are getting crazy.

As I find the courage to share my armpit struggle. I can give you no definitive answer for the cure. I've tried Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil, Rubbing Alcohol, and yes showering too.

What seemed to work today was Apple Cider Vinegar. (recommended by fellow yogi #TomAlbani)

I stay away from antiperspirants. I'm trying to go all natural minus the soup please.

So I share with you.

Be courageous, have some fun and share your chicken soup story today.

You never know what you will learn and feel less of a burden.

Hey and here is a GREAT RECIPE for #Vegan Chickpea Noodle Soup. One of my favorite websites.

Hugs to Humor!



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