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Kind Eyes

Do you ever have those nights? I guess maybe you’re overtired, a little too wide eyed to go right off to sleep. So you lay there trying the usual. Count back words, breath work, or listing all the awesome things you accomplished for the day. Then you come to a moment of feeling grateful and you say a little pray. Why? Well for me this is what I was taught growing up and occasionally I open up the prayer door and give thanks and ask for grace to have my back. I explain, I understand that everything occurring in my life is making me stronger, smarter, and opening my mind to what could be…

I lay there. Not realizing I fell out of my prayer. I see Great-pop. The sweetest man and only grandfather I ever knew in my life. This man was not of many words. He said it all with his eyes. His kind eyes. My vision of Great-pop felt supportive and special. Although I would run to him to grab an arm to walk with him. He was supportive and attentive offering encouragement. I wonder what we talked about. I recall now only the feelings and his endearing eyes.

It is little things that clue you in. Small hints in your life you may not be looking for but could be showing them self to you. What are you waiting for in this one life? What are you hoping will happen? Is there a chance you need to ask more questions? Then take the steps to see it through.

I felt inspired to write this all down. Seeing Great-pop even in a foggy memory gave me the encouragement to share. I know he has my back.

Listen to your intuition.

Listen to your heart.

Listen with an open mind.

And let grace lead you.

Sleep Well,


Owner, Yoga Instructor, LMT, and Silly Mother Wife

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3 Yorum

Thank you for sharing Denise! ❤️🙏


08 Eyl 2020

Love it. Thanks for.sharing.


Kimberley Jessen
Kimberley Jessen
27 Ağu 2020


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