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While I Waited…

While I am waiting at home I often feel like I am in a holding pattern like a plane waiting to taxi on the runway. Planes line up in row, kind of in a social distancing pattern, conforming and waiting to launch one by one as they are building momentum, building strength so that they may soar freely high up in the skies.

This time in my life has brought about many levels of emotional change in me. The waves of sentiment flow in like the wrestling about of fall leaves. They come in fast and furious like a northern breeze, I process the moment by really feeling it way down within me, the air takes away what isn’t of service anymore leaving space for the reflection, transitional growth and spouting of a new.             

The energy that I am encountering has stirred up many questions through me. With much consideration I wonder has this all happened for the greater good of all, for the greater good of mankind and our Mother Earth? Are we all in our homes to build our strengths? Does the universe have a greater plan here than what most would see before them?

I know that the universe has done this to help guide us into a new life much different from what many of us call the norm. Just take a deep breath in, release it and know that life is different from here on. There is no question about it to me that this is what is meant to be. What is the answer though? I understand deeply that it is different for every one of us. How will you find your answers through all of this? Where will they come from? How will they find you?

Every day I do something that sings to my heart. Yes, something that makes me silly like a school girl. Guess what I’ve even spent whole days doing those things. I’ve started writing poetry more often and playing with paint on canvas. I take long walks on a special path that always speaks to me that is near where I live. I gaze out my office window watch the branches from the evergreen trees sway in the wind. I take the time to listen to the doves in the morning out the window that graciously come to visit me. I enjoy cooking vegetarian meals at home. Meditation has been with me for a while already without it this time would be much more difficult. Go for it, let yourself just get lost in it so that your true self will be found.

The point is do what sings to you, do what calls to your heart. Let these things dance around you like butterfly’s do. This time has been gifted to you. A gift like this may only come around once in your lifetime. Enjoy, let go of the stresses in your mind. Clear that space to bring in what is meant for only you.

Rise, rise up and be free!

Becky, Vibrational Sound Therapist at Kula Heart Yoga & Wellness, LLC

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