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Well I just wanted to share how my spongy pumpkin did not make it too well. I knew that day I picked my pumpkin that it had a little bit of an issue. Which I've noticed with a lot of pumpkins recently this season. Recognizing some mold and fruit flies appearing in my house. I decided it was time to change out the pumpkin. If you have another big pumpkin in the house you could easily have pulled the cage off the pumpkin and plopped it right on another one. I decided to move it into this glass bowl filled with wine corks as my display for the November season.

If you joined us at the craft a few weeks ago this weekend would be the first weekend to water the Moss surrounding the succulents. Don't necessarily water the leaves of the succulents. You will learn a lot more at the repotting class scheduled for January 15th.

Happy crafting! Please consider sharing your succulent designs that you have at home in our group.

Nov 08, 2022

My pumpkin is still doing good. Ready to be watered this weekend.



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