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Derna Barski



In 2011, I attended the International Academy for Medical Reflexology and have received my diploma in Medical Reflexology.  The International Academy for Medical Reflexology is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed schools.
Reflexology helps to relieve pain, reduce stress and improve overall health by improving nerve, blood and lymphatic supply.  It persuades the body to attain homeostasis, balance and normalization. 
I assist my clients in relieving stress related tension, reduce chronic pain, recover more quickly from injury and help them to reduce anxiety.
I have worked with a wide variety of clients with conditions ranging from headaches, neck tension, lower back, shoulder and hip pain, constipation and sciatica.
My goal is to help provide patients with an opportunity to move beyond injury, pain and suffering into a greater well-being and quality of life through medical reflexology.
You’ll find me friendly, respectful and professional. 

Derna Barski: TeamMember
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