Certified Yoga Instructor

Love this new healthier me and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to share why.  I feel like we are all travelers on a journey, hitchhikers on the winds of change. My change began, well, this year, Christmas Eve, (2017) it will be (6) six years ago.  I got diagnosed with a terminal illness and with all the broken bones that came along, with the diagnoses of Multiple Myeloma,  I would've never imagined that I'd still be alive today, helping others find healing, vitality, and joy in their journeys! GOD Is Amazing!!! ( what a divine sense of humour that ONE has) 

Today, I am chemo and cancer free and yoga, as well as the Teacher Training that I got at Kula Heart, has taught me that there is a divine benevolence to life, and once u realize that 
life happens 'for' u, and not 'to' u, then, the faith-filled, limitless possibilities, within our individual journeys, present themselves. ....At one time my entire purpose was to live. Now, I Live With Purpose.

In 2016, Tom completed the 200 hour Ashaya Yoga teacher training by Silver Kim, then in 2017 re-certified thru the founder of Ashaya Yoga® , Todd Norian.  In regards to ongoing training, Tom also has 17 credit hours towards teaching kids yoga, as taught by Ann Robideaux.

Tom Albani