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Sheri Quintana

Level III Reiki Master

I found Reiki after being a long time stay-at-home mom. During those years I found great fulfillment and adventure in a multitude of activities such as decorating and home improvement projects (I love power tools!), sewing, crafting and re-purposing galore, prop making and learning how to play the drums.

I have been a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher for 3 years. I love connecting with my clients and welcome them to a comfortable, relaxed space where they can feel the reiki energy the moment they walk in. 

I enjoy nature, adore animals, am inspired by music and love to sing out loud. I have two adult sons; one lives in Philadelphia and the other in Denver, CO. I live in Bethlehem with my husband Ben, and my feisty Wheaten Terrier, Sydney.

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that uses universal life energy to initiate healing from within. It reduces stress, promotes relaxation, alleviates pain, reduces anxiety, energizes and balances. Reiki also helps peel back and release the layers of emotional “stuff” we have acquired on our journeys.

Sheri's intuitive sessions focus on the above as well as empowerment and emotional awareness. Using reiki, experiences, realizations and understanding of our energetic world, the client is guided and inspired to move forward in empowerment to help them understand their innate abilities and intuition.