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Location of classes vary from In-studio and Streamed Virtually Online.

Carefully select what works for you. 

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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Gentle Yoga




Virtually on Zoom

All levels gentle, basic yoga poses and stretches.  Possible props needed a strap (tie or belt), chair, mat, blocks (or books get creative with what you have around the house), tennis ball or stress ball or similar, blanket and pillows.  

Class will include standing and seated poses. Please go at your own pace.  Take breaks and listen to your body. Never stretch into pain.


Claudia Simpson


Fun at Yoga

All Level Yoga

Wednesday 9:30-10:45am- Tom

Virtually on Zoom

This class is for the practitioner who has a general understanding of basic yoga.

Tom offers a weekly Virtual Hatha Yoga Class with a combination of rhythmic dynamic flow creating an aerobic body.

Significant benefits to your health:
Increased oxygen to every cell in your body.
Weight management
Lung function
Reset your body with more oxygen and movement!.

Modifications are always an option let your teacher know if you're trying this class for the first time.

This class is for the practitioner who has a general understanding of basic yoga poses and is looking to simply practice.

Modifications are always an option let your teacher know if you're trying this class for the first time.


Tom Albani


Beginner Yoga



In Studio and Virtually on Zoom

Looking to learn the basics, need to revisit the foundation of yoga? Join us for a fun challenge.  Build strength, flexibility, and learn about the practice of yoga.


Denise Mikovitch

Hatha Yoga

Intermediate Hatha Yoga



Join Wendy every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. for an intermediate level Hatha yoga practice. We will transition through a variety of seated, standing, and balance poses with a focus on breath work, safe postural alignment, and being mindful. Get a little sweaty, then enjoy a wonderful savasana to release your day! All are welcome.

Instructor:  Wendy Stanley


Vinyasa Flow Yoga


This class is a more rigorous Vinyasa flow that is still grounded in the Kripalu tradition. The flow encourages deep stretching and strengthening in combination with the breath to form a cohesive breath + movement flow. This class will also delve into intermediate and the early stages of advanced postures sprinkled through an invigorating flow. Breath will be a prime focus as each breath will connect one posture to the next. 

Whilst this practice is more rigorous, all levels are welcome as the practice can be modified to anyone's needs. Expect to work up a gentle sweat in the first half of the practice with a long cool down with inversion and back bending practice in the second half. 

Instructor:  Avery Newell

Cost: $15

Child's Pose

Gentle Yoga


Join Avery for a practice to stretch and slowly move.

Warrior One

Vinyasa Flow



In Studio and Virtually on Zoom

A Mid-level Vinyasa to open the body and free the spirit.  


Kim Diehl


Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture

Gentle Yoga


Join Wendy every Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. for Gentle Yoga. This class will focus on releasing stress, stretching, laughing, and melting into your mat to close out your week. Gentle yoga is so gentle we may not even stand up! All are welcome.


Kim C.

Wonderful experience. Very professional but with kindness and concern.


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